The Lady Patriots Organization is run by the general board of directors which is composed of board members, the head coach, and the team manager of every team.

Board Members

Organizational Email:

  • Cory Zahirniak: President (903) 372-5432
  • Cameron Paul: Recruiting (903) 714-9656
  • Jason Zemer: Player Development (903) 521-7182
  • Trampus Spencer: Social Media/Promotions (903) 316-8411
  •  Jason Swanson: Uniforms/Public Relations (903) 944-8508
  •  Jake Flowers: Marketing/Uniforms (936) 404-8601


  • Trampus Spencer: 18U Gold -
  • Travis Potter: 2627ETX 16U -
  • Chad Cambell: 16U -
  •  Jason Swanson: 14U -
  •  Jessica Gann: 14u  
  • Robert Gray: 14u
  •  Jake Flowers: 12U -
  •  Klay Register: 10U -
  • Josh Hyde: 10u -
  • Matt Hester: 8U -

General Board Directors Facts

  • Head coaches are appointed or elected by the executive board. Team managers are chosen by the head coaches. Both serve until resignation or removal.
  • Each member of the general board of directors has one vote if the general board of directors is voting on something. Members only have one vote even if they serve in more than one position.
  • By request from the floor, votes may be polled individually and recorded. A motion shall be passed by majority vote. Tie votes will be resolved by the vote of the executive board and president.
  • Suspension shall disqualify a board member from voting.
  • The general board of directors may accept on behalf of the organization any contribution, gift or device for the general purposes or for any special purpose of the organization. The board of directors may make gifts and give charitable contributions that are not prohibited by the bylaws, the articles of incorporation, state law and any requirements for maintaining the organization’s federal and state tax status.