• Supervise and control all of the business and affairs of the organization
  • Call meetings and preside at all regular and special meetings of the general board of directors and executive board of directors
  • Have authority to make a motion at all meetings
  • Appoint chairpersons or all committee members

VP of Recruiting

  • Oversee, organize and assist student-athletes through the recruitment process.
  • Grow, build and maintain a large network of college coaches and programs by speaking with coaches over the phone.
  • Parent coaching and management of client expectations which are based on the student-athlete’s academic and athletic abilities.
  • Advise student-athletes on potential events, tournaments/camps, campus visits, or any other relative information.
  • Help clients with management and maintenance of past and current dialogue with schools and programs.
  • Ability to answer any questions the parent or client may have.
  • Provide honesty, clarity and efficiency to clients through each step of the recruitment process.

VP of Player Development

  • Developing coaching methods that improve players’ performance on the field
  • Coordinating camps for young athletes interested in learning the fundamentals of a sport or improving their skills in a particular area
  • Assist coaches with practice schedules and drills
  • Assisting with practices when possible
  • Creating an environment that is conducive to learning through positive reinforcement

Public Relations/Marketing

  • Create and maintain positive relationships between the organization and media outlets, such as Facebook and Organizational website.
  • Create and maintain a positive image for the athletes and LP organization. PR specialists are given the hefty task of coordinating the seamless flow of favorable information from the LP teams to social media.