Player Uniform Guidelines & Requirements

Teams 8U-14U

These teams may use any current, approved uniform or construct their own uniforms from whichever company suits their needs as long as they follow a couple very simple guidelines:

  • You must use Lady Patriots’ colors: Orange, Navy, White and Grey (this doesn’t include special edition jerseys such as a cancer awareness or autism awareness jersey)
  • You must use the LP logo. No eagles, no being creative on your own, you use the State of Texas logo with LP in it.
  • If using “PATRIOTS” lettering on your jersey, you must use the standard “block lettering”.

*No cursive or any other fonts.

Teams 16U-18U

If you have questions about uniforms please contact

Jason Swanson (903) 944-8508 or Jake Flowers (936) 404-8601

Approved uniforms companies are listed below.